Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Things you can never undo

Here's an enjoyable and meaningful story sent to me by my ex-colleague and good friend, Santhana Mary.

May we all be blessed with wisdom in our thoughts, words and deeds, to act with skillful means in our lives.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Which one do you feed?

I once heard that inside all of us, there are two wolves constantly fighting: LOVE and HATE.

Do you know which one will win eventually? It's the one you feed the most.

So be mindful of your thoughts always. Wishing you peace and harmony.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Loving kindness - an everlasting beauty

When I look at thee
What beauty do I see
When I remember your deeds
What inspiration you truly give

When I'm drowned in grief
Your memories always give me a lift
When I'm lost in greed
It's your advice that I heed

You will always be my lead
Providing that which I need
Though it might not be what I seek
It's definitely a righteous seed

Your loving kindness is inspiring indeed
For your legacy will never ever cease...

Thursday, September 6, 2007


While my aunt was cooking supper for me, all of sudden she screamed. I ran to the kitchen and asked her what happened. She pointed to the stove and I saw a long tail under cooking stove, it's a rat!

Despite my best attempt to catch it using a plier, the rat escape. Don't ever underestimate the strength and speed of this animal. Later my aunt setup a trap using a rat cage with a bait inside. A short while later, it caught the rat!

While I recalled my grandma used to dispose any rats she caught by putting it under the hot sun, I assumed my aunt would do the same tomorrow morning. But I was wrong, she calmly told me to follow her outside the house to release the rat somewhere into the bushes. This is a pleasant and meaningful surprise for me, she's actually practicing the First Precept (refrain from killing) right in front of me. This episode taught me to respect all living beings no matter big or small, beautiful or ugly. The way my aunt handled it, the rat won't be pest in my house and yet no harm comes to it. Thanks aunt for this lesson in wisdom and compassion.