Sunday, July 13, 2008

So Sick of Love Songs

6.51am, just came home from a long meeting. Still haven't hit the sack. My mind kept humming a fabulous song I heard over the radio today. This song basically sums up my sentiment toward the "romance is everything" mentality these days. So here it is, from Ne-Yo, So Sick:

This song dedicated to:

1. Those who strive to be happy no matter what their relationship status is: single, in one, in between, married, separated, divorced, widowed etc.

2. Those who sacrifice their personal relationship and dedicate their lives to helping and caring for others.

3. Those who refuse to settle for a lesser partner just for the sake of having a relationship.

4. Those who have grown up to be stronger and wiser from a broken relationship.

5. Me, because I believed you don't need to be romantic to be romantic, and to be in love to know love.