Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Supporting friends

Last Saturday afternoon, I rushed to Bidor to delivered some goods, then rushed back to KL to have a wonderful birthday dinner, and by then I was too tired to drive anymore. But on Friday night, my close friend Danny's father passed away in Seremban. Since Danny told me please don't come down, I took that as an "excuse" for me to rest after my dinner.

Then something strange came over me. Although my mind was set to go home and rest, I drove south in the direction towards Seremban. The moment I realised I should steer home, my mind told me to "make it count". As long as I had the strength and will, make it count. This is the kinda wholesome thought I'm working to encourage, and it's pushing me in the right direction now. Of course, the unwholesome thought also arises: risky to drive so long, so late, it's not appropriate for me to attend funeral on my birthday. I'm thankful that learning Buddhism has taught me to discard superstitions and value compassion. I'm grateful to be able to drive down to pay my last respect to Danny's dad and just be there for him.

Whenever I felt lazy or uncaring when others are in need, I recalled Hua Li encouraging me to visit my friend who was assaulted during a robbery attempt. I was so lazy then but she nagged me till I went, and she don't even know him well. I remembered Danny being there for me when my late wife was in ICU despite being out of touch for the last few years. I thank them for inspiring me to care and support my friends better. Every single moment spent supporting others is worthwhile, for we will never know if that's the last thing we are able to do.


Amity said...

Thank you for your journal with such wholesome stories.

Keep on good deeds, speech and mind!

Jacquelyn said...

Friends are the ones who keep us strong in our lives. Glad that you drove down and be by your friend's side. It could mean a lot to him. Nice blog btw! :)