Sunday, August 13, 2006

Thank You & Goodbye Hee Boon

Saw an orbituary in The Star last week showing a handsome chap with a blog, FHB adventure. Wanted to read it out of curiosity but forgot. Later The Star came out with an article about the deceased, Foo Hee Boon's very inspirational blog on his experience with multiple cancers.

Went to his blog and what I read really touched my heart. An active and lively person who's committed to conserving the environment and care deeply for his family, Hee Boon's an exceptional person, someone whom I'll probably look up to...

Here are some interesting chapters from his amazing and inspirational blog:
Making meaning
Healing & acceptance
To die suddenly
Carpe Diem!!!
Way it should not be
More will come...

Although I do not know Hee Boon in person, I'm amazed at his wisdom, energy, patience, resolve, lovingkindness and equanimity. We share so many things in common, esp. in outlook andd spirituality. There was a page where he commented on how "unneccesary" is the Buddhist practice of animals liberation because it would encourage people to catch more animals (esp birds) to cater for this "liberation market". That was my sentiment exactly some time ago. It's a wonder how some complete stranger can provide such deep inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing Hee Boon and may you be blessed with a good rebirth to continue practicing the Dhamma till full liberation...

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thompsonboy said...

I too have read the blog via the obtiuary. I am one of those who likes to read obituary and found it very touching and inspirational indeed.