Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Gillian Chung - fought off lust & curiosity

Funny thing happened today. In the midst of many newspapers publishing the sensational news of pop singer Gillian Chung's (one half of the pop group TWINS) semi-nude pictures taken secretly, I received an email from an old friend with the pics attached.

Like any curious and hot-blooded (trying to lower the temp :) male, my first instinct is to open the attachments and view the pics. Then I thought deeper and decided I'll just thrashed it. I ain't gonna feed that lusty and restless mind of mine. Furthermore, it's a blatant violation of someone's privacy.

Ironically, I got busybody later and asked Kelly if she heard about this hot news. She immediately asked me to forward those pics to her, to which I replied they have been deleted.

Later that nite I saw Gillian Chung crying on TV news with her fellow artises behind her denouncing such flagrant intrusion of privacy and violation of common decency. I then realised what if those were semi-nude pics of my mother, sister or wife being circulated. How would one feel then? Guys, please think twice before forwarding any obscene pics, or treat this as a laughing matter.

Lesson 1 - be mindful, it'll help me do wholesome deeds.
Lesson 2 - be mindful, if not that restless and busybody mind will start talking/doing unwholesome deeds again.
Lesson 3 - keep practicing lesson 1 and 2.

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baladev said...

You know man, I have loved her two days ago, after I watched Twins Effect. I like her smile, make me really in love with her. Even if she's serious I find her lovable. But I have no lust for her, I respect her and wishing (or dreaming) sometime I would meet her... She's really pretty and funny too!