Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Things you can never undo

Here's an enjoyable and meaningful story sent to me by my ex-colleague and good friend, Santhana Mary.

May we all be blessed with wisdom in our thoughts, words and deeds, to act with skillful means in our lives.


Thumper said...

Charles, thank you so very much for sharing this sweet little story! I actually ran across it a couple of days ago, but I keep thinking about it and pondering it. For a long time, I will remember it every time the "I want" mind leads me to feel enmity toward others!

With metta -- John

Anastasya Hong@Kylie said...

Hey Boss!!!
Amazingly i discover u actually write blog...

lantz said...

That was cool. I really appreciate your sharing. Story had me thinking. Keep up the great work.