Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Why Buddhism?

I discovered Buddhism after the untimely passing of Hua Li. To me, the Dhamma is truly beautiful and stood tall as the ultimate truth. I've found peace, harmony, joy and happiness from practicing Buddhism.

The more I learned, discovered and practiced, the more I'm convinced of The Buddha's teachings (the Dhamma) - truly in the spirit of "Ehi Passiko" - come see for yourselves. It's not pressurizing nor something that instill anxiety or fear (believe or go to hell). It's teachings will appeal to your common sense and reasonings - eg. we do not need God or anyone to tell us that murder is wrong. The more we practice it, the more we will gain confidence of efficacy of the Dhamma. It exhort us to look within: avoid evil, do good, purify the mind.

The teachings of impermanence, dukkha, no-self, conditioned existence, kamma and rebirth are very real indeed, supported by scientific backings & researched data. More importantly, you will experience them personally as you practice Buddhism.

Practicing Buddhism will lead us to happiness now, happiness hereafter and finally: complete and total liberation from suffering.

Wishing everyone success in following the path till fruition. HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS.

With Metta,
Charles /\


Anonymous said...

you mentioned "no-self". Actually buddhism is not about "no-self" but the opposite. You should be wary of that.

Who wrote your blog if it is not "yourself"?

If you have the opportunity and if you really want to understand the real buddhism, read as much mahayana books as you can.

Charles Wong said...

To the writer above:

Who do you think is writting this blog? Where is this "self"? Is it my body, feelings, memory, thoughts or consciousness, which one?

In Buddhism, the idea of self is merely an illusion. Man wrongly identifies perception, consciousness, mind and body with what he calls self. In reality, We have no control over our body and mind, they keep changing: birth, old age, sickness then death - inevitable. How can this body be ours when it is beyond our control?

Science is just beginning to understand that without consciousness, there is no world. A pure mind creates a happy world, an evil mind creates a woeful world. Hence the importance of cultivating a wholesome mind.

Visit here for detail explanation:

May you be well and happy.

Anonymous said...

Charles, your discovery of Buddhism is quite like mine. I too lost a spouse many years ago. My path lead me to Malaysia (I am from North America) and a wonderful lady who gently introduced me to her Buddhist beliefs. That lady eventually became my wife (of almost ten years now).

My learning of the Buddha's teachings have lead me to a much more peaceful and compassionate existence, but I am still learning...always feeling that I am just a novice.

Kudos to you on taking your loss to such a level that you can post this blog with wonderful links to sites around the web that people can access to absorb the teachings in their own way. I have been immensely impressed with the gentleness of the Buddha's teachings and all of the sangha's patient attitude toward me as a simple student, who is striving to understand and apply the Dharma to my life.

Keep your posts coming to the world.

Anonymous said...

sadhu! sadhu! sadhu! your discovery of Buddhism can be said to be discovering the antidote to your life's ailments. As for myself, experiencing the loss of loved ones, being cheated material wise, and all sorts of pain that i went through brought me to appreciate the Dhamma more. you've got a very interesting blog here! contact me : sampuna@yahoo.com