Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Gatha for Metta - remembering the Tsunami

Found a touching poem while browsing E-Sangha forum today. This poem was written after the Tsunami struck Indian Ocean on December 26, 2004, killing about 230,000 people, with tens of thousands missing and over one million displaced. What I like most about this poem is the way it encourages loving kindness and compassion; over everything else that judge, label and separate us along cultural, racial or religious lines. Here is the beautiful poem, written by Beth Vieira:

When there is destruction and death,
may all beings be relieved of suffering.

When there is no one to blame,
may all beings be relieved of judgement.

When there is a lost mother and a crying child,
may all beings be relieved of their tears.

When there is utter incomprehension,
may all beings be relieved of confusion.

When there is no way to do anything,
may all beings be relieved of their helplessness.

May the world and all beings be relieved from the suffering
of pain and death, destruction and illness, fear and doubt.

May the world and all beings be free of danger
and find safe harbor in the loving arms of compassion.

May compassion and hope bring together all beings,
holding hands and holding each other in gentle lovingkindness.

So as we celebrate and welcome the new year, please remember that there are some less fortunate people who are suffering and languishing in many poverty stricken slums or war torn places, without any proper meals or a roof over their heads, in pain and diseased. Let us cherish our lives and those around us. Let us show care and concern whenever we can, and make our lives more meaningful. By remembering them, and let this be a catalyst of change for the new us in 2008.

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Anonymous said...

Very inspired by this.May all humankind be one and harmonious.Let us think alike and serve each other for what we are born for.To give not to snatch,to construct not to destroy,to give life not to kill.Unlike material world designer this designer that let us ourselves be as good as designer.Give thought and consideration to the others,let us share what we have and let us love one and other.God bless all. Mahendra Chauhan