Monday, January 12, 2009

Save the children of Gaza

2009 signaled the start of a trying year for me as a father with a 5 years old daughter who just started school. It's hard to juggle my demanding job with my family obligations. Being a single parent made things more difficult. Thank goodness I have my wonderful sis to help take care of my daughter as good as any mother can. Of course, I'm totally grateful to my parents and aunt too.

As my heart warmed to the fun-filled antics of my precocious daughter in her daily carefree routine of playtime, meals and learning, I can't help but wonder about those who are less fortunate than her. Children suffering from wars, hungers, crimes, abuse and all manners of cruelty. Read about my previous posts on Blood Diamond and Rwanda to understand what I mean.

The recent atrocities committed by Israel against civilians and children in Gaza is a reflection of the First Noble Truth - life is suffering. I can't help but wonder how would a parent feel to see their children killed right in front of their eyes; to see them crying out loud in agony and pain from the wounds inflicted by bullets, shrapnels, broken glasses and rubbles. Think it'll never happen to your child? What if natural disasters and accidents strike? Read my dedication to Demi Adams.

Try something with me. See the pictures above. Look at the lifeless bodies of the dead children and babies. Now close your eyes, imagine one of them is your child. Say to yourself: the unthinkable has happened - your child is dead, motionless, limbs and body stiff - no amount of crying and shaking will wake them up. You'll never hear cute giggling or laughing anymore. Nothing... just a lifeless body and dead silence. Can you feel the pain and grief of parents who lost their children in this war? Can you imagine how excruciating it is: to have your loved ones taken away from you in such cruel ways.

Whatever claims Israel has against Palestine and it's people, it's gone when they killed civilians indiscriminately. Nothing justify such blatant violations of humanity and disregard for human lives. This is not about the Arab-Israel conflict, it's not about a country sovereignty and it's right to defend itself. It's simply about soldiers killing civilians and children. I'm not going to suggest any specific course of action but as long as you are aware of the sufferings faced by the Palestinian people, then I'm sure your wisdom will lead the way for you. In fact, if everyone is aware of the pain and suffering from war and cherish peace with all their heart, all their might; this world will be a better place.

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Birte Edwards said...

Hi there Charles
I so totally agree with you on your sentiments on losing a child. As a mother of two adult children and a grandmother to two girls (7 and 5) I can understand your anguish and your impossible vision of a child's death.

I also mourn for every child that died in the recent fighting in Gaza.
This is where I feel I need to input from the other side.
You see, I live in Israel, and I know the reasons for the army's entry into Gaza. I also know what children were suffering for 8 long years of almost daily rocket attacks on their towns, schools, homes.

No war is not the solution to the Middle East conflict, but this is a two-sided war. It takes two to tango, it takes two to make war, and it takes two to make peace.

Thank you for listening.