Friday, May 28, 2010

Meaning of Bathing The Buddha during Vesak Day

Today is Vesak Day and I visited my aunt temple in Cheras with my daughter & father. My sis was not feeling well so my mum stayed home to accompany her. We paid homage to Lord Buddha and once again, I encouraged my 6 years old daughter to kneel down and bath the statue of The Buddha. My Dad kept asking me to take photos of my daughter bathing statue of The Buddha but I didn't because I felt this is not a playful event.

Pic of my daughter Angelina taken in 2008 during Vesak Day

Then it occurred to me, after almost 5 years of being a Buddhist, I never really understand the meaning of bathing The Buddha ritual during Vesak Day. So I goggled it and below is one of the best explanation that I can relate to.

2. Bathing The Statue Of The Buddha Symbolizes Our Aspiration, Determination and Effort To Purify Our Body, Speech And Mind

3. Purification of The Body
No Killing
No Stealing
No Sexual Misconduct

4. Purification of The Speech * No Lying * No Slander * No Harsh Speech * No Gossip

5. Purification of The Mind * No Covetousness * No Hatred * No Delusion

6. BATHING OF THE BUDDHA - Let us aspire to cleanse our mind of GREED, HATRED and DELUSION

For more explanation, please click HERE.

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