Sunday, July 20, 2014

Reflection of a Father's Love

A Father's love is like the Bamboo
Strong enough to protect you from dangers and predators
Yet gentle enough to bend and support you
Perform many functions to assist and care for you

A Father's love is like the Oak Tree
Thick with leaves to shelter you from the sun, wind and rain
Strong branches for you to climb up and see the horizon
Deeply rooted so that nothing can bring you down

A Father's love is like the Turtle
Patience and calm in the face of uncertainties
Dispenses wise advise to help you through life
Shields you from pains with his life experience shell

A Father love is like the Squirrel
Always savings enough nuts for you
Welcoming you to his warm home
Ensuring that you are well provided in times of need

My dear Kelly Tham Foong Keng, I share my deepest condolences and sympathies on the sudden demise of your father. You are always in my thoughts and may you and your family be comforted and supported.

This simile is dedicated in loving memory of your father, Mr Tham Chee Hoong, departed peacefully on 23-June-2014. May he gain a good rebirth.

Buddhism and Respect for Parents

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